Acute Care PNP Special Interest Group (AC SIG)

Call for Acute Care SIG Secretary Nominations

Posted about 2 years ago by Jay Hunter

Hello Acute Care SIG Members!

If you are a member of the Acute Care SIG and are interested in becoming more involved, we are seeking candidates to run for the Secretary of the Acute Care SIG with a term starting July 1, 2018. 

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Transcribes all meeting minutes and submit them to the national office for filing.  Drafts other correspondence and submits for filing.
  • Assists chair/co-chair in providing regular communication with SIG members using various channels (online community, website, newsletter, email, telephone, teleconference, webinar, etc.).
  • Ensures that member-at-large and chapter services manager at the national office are included in all SIG mailings and communications.
  • Tracks and documents all receipts and expenditures for the SIG and works with the national office in adhering to the financial policy and guidelines.  Voting procedures are essential for compliance.
  • Being part of the SIG leadership and planning future activities and improvements for the SIG

You may self nominate, or nominate a deserving AC SIG member that you think may be interested. You must be a member of NAPNAP and the Acute Care SIG to apply!

Nominations may be made by emailing the Acute Care SIG officers at  Those wishing to apply should send a paragraph about you - your education, experience, and why you want to be part of the leadership of the Acute Care SIG, etc.  We will also need a copy of your most up to date CV.  Deadlines for submission is May 13, 2018!

We look forward to receiving your nominations.  We have an exciting year planned for the Acute Care SIG and look forward to further engagement and involvement.


Acute Care SIG Officers

Chair, Ann Felauer

Co-Chair, Jay M. Hunter

Secretary, Jessica Diver-Spruit